Staying relevant in a volatile world is hard. The status quo is not an option. The challenge is finding new ways to engage with your customers, create value, and do things better, and it is unrelenting. 

Change and transformation programs have become almost business as usual. Many are mission-critical. The stakes are high for both leaders and their organizations – and yet the majority of large-scale change programs continue to fail or fizzle.

There are good reasons why. Delivering transformational change is not easy. Projects on this scale are complex, multi-streamed and run across multiple functions. They require careful planning, mobilization and governance. They also require continuous risk management with complete and timely transparency on progress and results realized – all driven by a strong and effective Project Management Office. And perhaps most important of all, the people who need to change must be aligned behind the goals of the program, and take ownership and accountability for the outcomes. 

Often, the will and desire for change is there. But what is lacking is the unique mix of skills, experience and structures required to effectively manage these kinds of programs. And what is also lacking is a willingness to think beyond the first three or six months, and carefully plan how these programs will really deliver value and what it takes to embed changes in daily operations. 

Genioo’s Pro Projects Suite was created to help organizations deliver change and transformation programs that are too important to fail. It is a proven, integrated, end-to-end approach that ensures your key programs and projects achieve your targeted outcomes. Pro Projects Suite combines Genioo’s fit-for-purpose methodologies and tools with the capabilities of our senior, highly experienced consultants to help you deliver results and achieve your business goals.


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How we help

We work with clients undertaking complex, mission-critical programs and projects to help them translate their ideas and goals into structured programs with detailed plans and measurable outcomes. Our Pro Projects Suite offering draws on our extensive experience of successfully managing large-scale change and transformation initiatives, using our best in class methodologies, tools and resources to help you plan and execute your project from start to finish.

Pro Projects Suite operates at multiple levels to ensure success.

  • We work with leaders to help them gain clarity on their goals at the outset and understand what success looks like, through our Success Planning program. This highly personalized program is a series of one-on-one conversations with experienced Genioo partners who understand the challenges and opportunities you face. It is a tailored program that helps you identify your professional and personal goals, and develop a clear work plan to achieve them.
  • Through our Top Team Alignment program, we work with your executive and project teams to ensure they are aligned behind your strategic goals. Top Team Alignment creates a platform for success by building trust and ownership amongst your team, creating a bullet-proof plan with clear accountabilities, actions and milestones, and creating the focus and momentum needed to succeed, right from the start.
  • We work alongside you to ensure successful execution of your program and delivery of the results intended. This includes ensuring the right program structure, resourcing and governance is in place, as well as setting up and leading a strong Program Management Office to ensure rigorous steering, tracking and value realization. Our approach is highly collaborative – we work alongside your people to ensure they retain ownership and accountability so that the changes are sustainable, and coach and mentor them to ensure they have the skills and capabilities they need to succeed.

While we have particular expertise in the life science and private equity sectors, we have used Pro Suite to help clients deliver mission-critical programs across a wide range of industries and sectors.

End-to-end approach

Pro Projects Suite’s integrated approach incorporates Genioo’s proven methodologies, tools and resources to ensure successful design, planning and execution of critical projects. 

Experience where it counts

The best planned programs can fail if they are not executed properly. That’s why Genioo only employs senior consultants with deep functional and project experience. The expertise and credibility of our people is a key part of the Genioo difference.

Change that sticks

We know from experience that to achieve lasting change, your people need to be front and centre driving it – not consultants. We work alongside your team to help them understand what is required of them to succeed – and to take ownership of delivering the desired outcomes. 

"I have used Genioo in several large-scale transformational programs including restructuring, business strategy development, shared services, and acquisition integration. They bring experienced professionals who hit the ground running, work collaboratively, and quickly embed themselves into our team. Their relentless focus on delivery, and ability to create value through tangible results, sets them apart from their competitors."
James Stewart EVP, Merck kgAa

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