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Wondering who we are and how we are different?

We are a consulting firm, yes. A fast-growing one too. But we’re not like any other consulting firm you know. Nor are we trying to be.

You see, we know ambitious leaders have big dreams to change their organizations for the better and to build a brighter future. But our experience tells us, turning big ideas into reality is never easy. Complex projects quickly spiral out of control when they hit the unknown. And traditional approaches to consulting bring inherent trade-offs and project pain that leaders have just come to accept.

And so, our purpose is far greater:

Our Purpose

We connect, inspire, and enable ambitious minds so that together, we can experience the joy ofturning ideas into reality.

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Defying consulting convention

We pride ourselves on strategy realization that demands complex projects and transformation. Traditional firms lack agility, experience, create silos, and come with high costs. But to deliver the full potential and value in projects, there’s no room for these types of trade-offs. Instead, we defy convention to make our world one of ANDS not ORS. 

Shifting from consulting to co-creation, empowers our clients with confidence and clarity from the start. It sets their project team on the path of a collaborative and enjoyable experience. And it offers plenty of opportunity for personal and professional development and growth.

This is the promise we make to our clients, independent professionals (IPs), and people. And once you work with us, we become your partner for life

Fulfil your potential in our world of ANDS not ORS

Whether you are client facing or not, if you are a good fit for Genioo, you’ll find yourself in a dynamic and fun environment. You’ll help shape the company, make a difference, and deliver your best work, while working with great clients and the rest of our great team.






Independent Professionals

Great Clients

We specialize in key Life Sciences sectors – Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical Devices – and Private Equity. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies – senior executives, business unit heads and project management offices (PMOs). We partner with them on critical initiatives to drive change, boost competitiveness, and impact the bottom line.

Great work

Genioo partners with clients on strategy realization and business transformation across the entire value chain from R+D to manufacturing and supply. We bring our expertise to clients across the globe, delivering projects of varying scopes and durations. Our unique delivery model and agile resourcing solution combines Genioo partners with independent professionals for high-performing experienced teams.

Whatever role you join us in, you’ll be challenged from day one. The learning curve will be fast and steep, a trajectory that aligns to our growth. The work will be intellectually stimulating and exciting. And you’ll be supported every step of the way as you learn and grow.


Great people

We’re a diverse and inclusive mix of people from across the US and Europe. Our unique professional backgrounds, culture, languages, and experiences yield a dynamic and forward-thinking team. We’re better together with a collaborative, connected, and caring culture to let individual opinions, interests, knowledge, and skills shine through.

Collectively, we wear many hats – consultants, co-creators, problem-solvers, relationship-builders, innovators, and dreamers. We’re a team prepared for the future, ready for the demands of today.

Great environment

The traditional workplace doesn’t define us. Our visionary ways of thinking and working demand a dynamic environment unlike any you’ve experienced before. The undeniable kinetic energy you’ll feel in a room with our people is the source of power that accelerates our ambition, innovation, and growth.

Let’s take a look at what your career at Genioo will be like.

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