The difference between project success and project failure comes down to how well you close the gap between thinking and doing. And failure is not an option when you’re entrusted with overseeing and executing projects that are critical to the business.

Genioo is a global project management consultancy that brings deep expertise and knowledge to the table to ensure successful project outcomes. We are a team of experienced professionals with global consulting credentials and industry experience relevant to your business.

Each individual on the Genioo team comes with drive, passion and ambition to match your own. And this approach is truly cross-functional. It means you are able to realize project value quickly and with confidence.

We don't come with large teams of inexperienced people, but with tighter, integrated and experienced teams who focus on successful project outcomes tailored to your organization.

Global reach. Cross-functional expertise

Genioo’s global reach not only gives us a world perspective, but it gives our clients local and global access to a highly diverse and experienced talent pool. This expertise underpins why so many global brands place their trust in us. 

Our cross-functional capabilities are extensive. From R&D to procurement, from supply chain to global quality programmes, and from commercial operations to business development and licencing, Genioo’s capabilities run deep in every organization we touch.

Frederic Brunner, CEO, discusses how Genioo helps Life Sciences executives deliver more value from critical projects

We have an extensive and experienced global talent pool

We have experience across the entire value chain (specific examples given below)

  • Global R&D transformation program
  • Identification of R&D opportunities for the US market
  • Optimizing the portfolio selection and allocation process
  • OTC harmonization of the development portfolio
  • Spare parts optimization – Diagnostic and implementation
  • Warehousing and distribution value strategy and execution
  • Direct procurement sourcing savings acceleration
  • Direct procurement negotiation excellence
  • Indirect procurement: transparency and spend cube
  • Capital expenditures program
  • Direct procurement reorganization
  • TechOps re-organization
  • TechOps P&L management
  • Manufacturing Strategy – define “blueprints” and support implementation
  • Supply chain strategy
  • PMO for strategic engineering projects
  • Validation Master Plan tracking PMO
  • PMO remediation support
  • PMO support for global quality program
  • External QA spend transparency
  • Processing continuous improvement program
  • Data integrity program
  • Quality spend efficiency improvement
  • Product launch excellence
  • EU 3-year growth strategy
  • APAC and US strategic planning support, identifying and tracking growth initiatives
  • OTC portfolio review and growth market strategy
  • OTC marketing spend effectiveness
  • Diagnostic market landscape assessment for a device company
  • Opportunity assessment for a biotech company in China
  • Gene therapy and bio-similars landscape assessment
  • Biosimilars landscape study for a large pharma firm
  • Partnership structure and governance option between two device companies
  • Post-merger integration support for acquisition of a 100 person R&D-focused company

We support our clients globally