The expectations on life science companies’ TechOps and supply chain organizations have never been higher. In times of extraordinary volatility in both supply and demand, increasingly diverse product portfolios and complex regulatory environments, they must meet unprecedented demands for flexibility, speed and cost containment – without wavering on quality and reliability. 

From a supply chain perspective, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a heightened focus on planning for future disruptions. Dual sourcing, higher safety stock, geographic diversification and contingency planning have taken center stage. But all of this must be achieved while maintaining or exceeding performance and cost benchmarks. 

Developing new digital and analytics capabilities to drive improved productivity, visibility and risk monitoring is another challenge. So is the increasing need for TechOps functions to work across functions to develop integrated solutions for a changing industry – and a changing world. 

Genioo’s combination of deep functional TechOps and supply chain expertise, specialist life sciences experience, flexible, hands-on approach and outstanding track record of success make us uniquely placed to help you navigate these challenges and achieve sustained operational excellence. We work alongside you to create pragmatic solutions. Equally importantly, we help you deliver them, ensuring your objectives are achieved and value is realized.

How we help

We help organizations improve outcomes across the end-to-end supply chain and TechOps value chain, including:

  • Supply chain management - we can help you optimize your demand & supply planning, build greater resilience and agility into your supply chain, optimize inventory, suppliers, and procurement processes and review and optimize your warehousing and distribution systems.
  • Cost containment – we work with you to develop and deliver targeted cost reduction and productivity programs.
  • Organization design – we help you review and optimize your operating model and ensure it is tightly linked to your strategic objectives, design and implement lean organizational structures and develop more effective business partnering and cross functional working capabilities.
  • Manufacturing – we can help you with network optimization, COGS optimization, and identifying and delivering a range of operational improvements.
  • Analytics and insights – we help you develop real time analytics and insights capabilities to improve transparency, productivity and risk identification, including helping you create the underlying data infrastructure required for success.

Results from recent projects


Realized savings through transformation of TechOps organization


In inventory savings from a global SC transformation program


Reduction in cycle time by implementing improved SIOP presence

Why Genioo

Our knowledge of the life science industry and extensive TechOps and supply chain expertise means we understand the challenges you face. Our unique resourcing model means you get targeted support from senior, highly experienced consultants and the flexibility to scale that support up or down according to your needs. 

Crucially, we make change happen.  We understand that successful TechOps and supply chain transformations never happen in silos. Managing change is just as important as the strategy behind it. Our approach is based on bringing the right people together – teams and functions, executives and shop-floor staff – to ensure everyone understands their role, and working alongside them to make change stick and deliver lasting value.

Specialist expertise

We have a deep bench of over 500 TechOps and supply chain experts, all with extensive consulting and operational line experience in the life sciences industry.

Extensive tools and methodologies

We have used our experience to develop a proprietary improvement framework with specific methodologies, diagnostics, benchmarks and templates, including our compliance enhancement methodology, savings identification and tracking tool, RFP templates, negotiation excellence framework, change management, alignment and success planning methodologies and much more.

Strong track record

We have successfully delivered more than 100 TechOps and supply chain improvement projects and over $1 billion in cost savings for life sciences clients in the last five years. 


Consultants & SMEs with TechOps & supply chain expertise


TechOps & supply chain projects for global brands

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