The success of the private equity industry in recent years has been reflected by significant growth in the number of private equity firms and assets under management. But that success has created new challenges for the industry. 

Fierce competition for assets means firms must be clear on the value proposition for potential acquisitions, while also being able to make decisions and act quickly.  An abundance of firms with money to spend has also inflated asset prices and driven the need to generate more value from portfolio companies. At the same time, much of the low-hanging fruit has been picked, and more complex structural change is required to create value.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also created a multitude of additional challenges for portfolio companies. Many private equity firms are adopting a more active management style to help their acquisitions tackle these challenges while ensuring the potential for future growth is not compromised. 

Specialist support from the right external partners is key to addressing these challenges. Genioo has extensive experience of working with private equity firms and their portfolio companies to deliver sustainable benefits while enhancing their return on investment. Our breadth of experience, our proven track record of delivery and our unique, cost-effective model make us ideally placed to help you unlock more value, faster.


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How we help

We work with private equity clients to help them maximize value from portfolio companies at each stage of ownership, including:

  • Identifying where value lies
  • Understanding how to extract it
  • Ensuring key stakeholders are aligned on how strategies are translated into detailed action plans
  • Structuring and managing growth and cost reduction initiatives
  • Tracking benefits and ensuring value is captured
  • Identifying and executing other initiatives to maximize value 

Our experience ranges from targeted cost-reduction initiatives to more strategic programs across a range of sectors. Our extensive, experience-based and proven methodologies and tools include a strong focus on benefit tracking and measurement – ensuring your strategic goals are translated into tangible value.

Results from recent projects


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Why Genioo? 

Our proven ability to identify hidden sources of value and above all to extract benefits from strategic programs is just one of the things that sets Genioo apart.

You are supported exclusively by experienced, senior people. Our consultants bring deep subject matter expertise, operational and project management experience and top-tier consulting backgrounds to the challenges you face. At the same time, our uniquely flexible resourcing model means you can scale our support up or down as needed, giving you tailored support at a compelling cost.

We work alongside you with a collaborative approach that ensures your people retain internal accountability and ownership. We also ensure they have the skills, knowledge and tools they need to sustain value long into the future. We also work across functions to ensure all stakeholders understand the strategy and are aligned behind it – helping you realize value faster and continue to realize it after we have gone.

Experienced people

We only employ senior people with proven experience. Our global talent pool includes more than 1,300 consultants from a range of backgrounds including top-tier consulting, transformation, PMO and change management experience.

Proven track record

We have executed over 100 productivity and cost focused projects for over 50 clients over the last five years. Our work has earned us an average NPS score of 70% - far exceeding the industry average.

Compelling value proposition

Our uniquely flexible resourcing model means you get tailored support from experienced, senior consultants, with the ability to flex up or down according to your needs – giving you an outstanding return on your investment.

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Our breadth of experience, our proven track record of delivery and our unique, cost-effective model make us ideally placed to help you unlock more value, faster.

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