Series 1 Guests


Julie Kim, President, U.S. Business Unit 

In this podcast Julie explains how diversity drives better decisions – but only if organisations have the courage to accept and embrace it. She also describes the experience that led her to fundamentally change her approach to leadership, the importance of trust, and how finding purpose in her work has helped her achieve both happiness and success.

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Laurent Attias, SVP Corporate Strategy, BD&L and M&A 

In this podcast, Laurent talks about how making genuine connections with people has been critical to his success and why there is no substitute to getting in front of customers. He also explains why success is not a goal in itself, but a by-product of using your talents and skills to do work you love.

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Polpharma Group

Markus Sieger, CEO

This podcast illustrates how Markus built a hugely successful career through his total commitment to achieving a goal - and his ability to motivate other people to work towards a shared cause. Markus also shares his thoughts on the role his military training has played in his career,  the importance of getting your hands dirty and continually learning, the secret to his success as an outsider in the pharmaceutical industry, and the relationship between success and happiness.

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BVI Medical

David Murray, CFO

In this podcast David talks about his non-traditional career path and the factors behind his success. He also shares insights from his business experience on a range of topics including why forming opinions from first appearances can be dangerous, how an 80% solution is often better than 100%, and why you have to be prepared to fail in order to succeed.

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Peter Goldschmidt, CEO

In this podcast, Peter talks about his own personal development journey from ‘doer’ to leader, what he looks for in people and the importance of ‘hiring for attitude’, and how to manage your fears and move beyond your comfort zone. He also explains why sometimes, what could be seen as ‘sideways’ moves can be the best opportunities of all.

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