In today’s world, change is constant and relentless. That’s why the ability of businesses to execute change programs is increasingly the difference between success and failure. But most change programs – around 70% - will fail. In fact, many are set up to fail before they even start. 

The pressure to deliver is enormous. But many critical business programs are complex and uncertain by their nature. Too often, programs get underway without sufficient planning, alignment and understanding of the effort required to succeed. The result is a lack of clarity on the key goals and success factors, chronic under-resourcing, limited transparency and knowledge of the plan, and lack of engagement from senior executives and those who need to implement the change.  

At best, this creates a loss of momentum as stakeholders need to get up to speed on the strategy and their role in it. At worst, the program fails completely, valuable resources are wasted, and trust in the ability to deliver on future initiatives is destroyed. 

Genioo’s Top Team Alignment program is a proven approach designed to help you create a platform for success from the start. Our structured, experience-based methodology will help you build trust and ownership, deliver a bullet-proof plan with clear accountabilities and milestones, and get your team operating at peak much faster. If you are serious about success, Top Team Alignment is an investment that will repay itself many times over. 

Structured process, tangible outcomes

Top Team Alignment is based on a structured methodology with five key steps:

  1. Definition of success - what is your desired outcome, who is the audience, what are the most critical gaps, and where do you want the team to be after the core alignment workshop(s)
  2. Data gathering – stakeholder interviews and surveys focusing on three areas: ‘Where are we today’, ‘Where are we going’ and ‘How will we get there’, and identifying enablers and challenges
  3. Data synthesis and workshop design – assessing different pillars of the strategy against the three focus areas and co-designing an alignment workshop with you based on the findings
  4. Alignment workshop(s) – we co-facilitate one or several interactive workshops with you to align your team, and jointly develop a clear roadmap
  5. Plan and roadmap codification – synthesis of workshop outputs for each strategic focus area and workstream, and assignment of clear next steps and accountabilities to accelerate execution

Why Genioo and why Top Team Alignment? 

Our Top Team Alignment program is a proven approach based on our extensive program and project execution expertise. Our  program facilitators have all done this before and bring many years of experience. The outcome is a clear, detailed and prioritized roadmap, but it is also much more than that. Our co-creation model ensures alignment and ownership amongst your team, creating real clarity and purpose that sustains your program or project through to a successful conclusion.


  • Your team takes full ownership of the program - much faster than otherwise (if at all)
  • You don’t have to keep explaining the strategy – your team already knows it
  • High levels of trust within your leadership and program team
  • A ‘bullet-proof’, jointly developed plan and roadmap with clear accountabilities and timelines
  • A prioritized portfolio of projects 
  • Greater momentum and accelerated project execution

Proven track record

Genioo has an unrivaled record of helping clients successfully deliver change. We have deployed our Top Team Alignment program at some of the world’s leading companies to help them transform their big ideas into lasting results. 

We do this with you - not to you

No change program can succeed without ownership from those tasked with delivering it - but too often, consultants drive the program rather than the business. We take a different approach, working alongside you and your team to co-create the program roadmap, ensuring buy-in and commitment from the people who really matter.

Proven methodology

Our Top Team alignment program has been developed from the collective knowledge and extensive hands-on implementation experience of our consultants. Our structured methodology delivers tangible outcomes and a strong platform for sustainable change.

Andreas Egli, VP, explains how Genioo's Top Team Alignment improves alignment and ownership amongst your team

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Our Top Team Alignment programs will improve alignment and ownership amongst your team, creating real clarity and purpose that sustains your program or project through to a successful conclusion.

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