As markets, consumer preferences and technology continue to evolve rapidly, managing change is an increasingly critical skill. No large-scale change initiatives, such as systems integration or corporate restructuring projects, are undertaken without a comprehensive change management plan. But while these projects are highly visible and well-resourced, other arguably more fundamental changes  do not always get the same focus. 

At the broadest level, the way we work is undergoing a significant transformation. Digitization, flexible working models and changing attitudes to work have driven a move towards virtual business models and more remote working. These trends have been significantly accelerated and  amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic.  There is no doubt that they are here to stay. More work will be done remotely, and advances in technology will enable virtual teams, virtual meetings and virtual workshops to operate more easily. At the same time, there’s also no doubt that face to face interactions remain the most effective option for some interactions and situations. 

Organizations have successfully put in place short term fixes to facilitate these new ways of working, such as ensuring all staff have access to the technology and data they need. But there is a big gap between these short-term fixes and the broad, all-encompassing change programs: Are your front line managers well equipped to manage in this new environment? Do your teams know how to effectively collaborate and interact with others? Is each business function clear on their mission, modus operandi, roles & responsibilities and key cross-functional interfaces? Many of these longer- term implications have not been addressed. The challenge for businesses is how to best leverage these changes, optimize the interplay between different modes of working, and engage internally and externally to drive business results. 

Meeting that challenge can deliver tangible competitive advantage, including greater employee satisfaction and retention, easier access to a wider range of skills and experience, and improved productivity and costs. But  delivering those benefits requires a well thought-through approach which ensures your people have the support they need to fully leverage new ways of working.  

Genioo was designed from the start to bring together the best global talent through a flexible, project-based business model. Our experience over the past decade has given us invaluable insights and resources – making us the ideal partner to help you get the best from new ways of working in your business. 

How we help

We work with forward-looking, ambitious organizations to help them incorporate changes to the way they work into their business, make the changes stick, and ensure they deliver the benefits intended. 

We have used our extensive experience to develop ready-to-use products and services that allow our clients to align their strategies with the most appropriate ways of working to help them achieve their goals. These include:

  • Top Team Alignment – a structured program to ensure the people responsible for delivering change are aligned behind your vision and understand their roles in achieving it. A key outcome of the process is a bulletproof plan developed by the team with clear ownership and accountability, milestones and actions to deliver the change
  • Playbook design and rollout – providing guidance for your people on ways of working and ‘how things are done’ through clearly documented mission and vision, key functional interfaces, processes, policies and operating procedures
  • Change management support - facilitating workshops and leveraging remote technologies to immerse audiences in “new ways of working” and support clients at critical junctures of their change journey 

We also work with you to help you define the most appropriate engagement model and the balance between virtual/remote and face to face for different interactions, for your objectives.

Proprietary tools & methodologies

We have developed a range of research and experience-based resources including our Top Team Alignment programs, playbooks and virtual team events to help businesses implement and leverage new ways of working

Experience & Insights

Genioo has had a flexible, project-based, remote working business model from the start. We bring invaluable insights from over a decade of experience into how your business can optimise new ways of working

Pragmatic Approach

Our consultants are all senior people with a mix of consulting and functional experience. Our hands-on approach means we work alongside you to ensure your intended project outcomes are delivered, and the benefits are sustained long after we have gone

Need help to align your strategies with the most appropriate ways of working?

We work with forward-looking, ambitious organisations to help them incorporate changes to the way they work into their business, make the changes stick, and ensure they deliver the benefits intended.

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