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Optimizing and Aligning Operations: Developing an Operating Model ”Playbook” for the CMO Organization of a Large Pharmaceutical Company Following a Large Merger

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  • A global pharmaceutical company was redefining the remit, vision and strategy of its key functions post merger
  • As part of this reorganization, the Chief Medical Office (CMO) function was elevated to play a critical role in the interface between R&D and Commercial
  • The CMO encompassed diverse groups (Medical Affairs, Marketed Products Group, and Global Patient and Scientific Affairs) each re-defining their strategies, processes and roles and responsibilities as part of an overall re-design of the CMO’s operating model


  • Developed high-level “Playbook” to support communication and understanding of the new CMO: its vision and mission, operating model, key people, organization structure, governance, processes, roles & responsibilities, how CMO creates value, and how it interacts across groups/functions within CMO, with R&D and Commercial, and between Global, Regions and countries


  • Availability of a clear and concise communication tool to explain the CMO operating model to various audiences within the CMO and other functions
  • Identification and resolution of several “pain points” and gaps in the operating model
  • Rollout of the playbook at the CMO Annual Townhall meeting and various audiences within the CMO and other functions