Being part of our team means you work in an environment that’s unlike any other you’ve been part of before. 

Genioo’s entrepreneurial way of thinking and working demands we don’t let the traditional workplace define us — and the best way we exemplify this is through our people and how we work together. We’re a collaborative culture that celebrates diverse opinions and individuals’ strengths. Yet we know that, collectively, we’re stronger together — and that’s why we communicate, connect and care about each other in ways that fortify that strength.

Action, accountabilities, achievements

When you join our team, you’ll grow in your career as you help our company grow. You have the opportunity to make a difference, contributing to our strategies and goals, while you take action on what’s most meaningful for your professional life.

Here at Genioo, our word is everything. Integrity is something we highly value, along with respect and being responsive and accountable to our team, clients and other stakeholders. We call it CICOY — Can I count on you? — and we want the answer always to be yes.

Our culture is one where we communicate and celebrate achievements in significant ways and small ones. The common theme: we acknowledge the great work we do for great clients and our winning team that makes everything happen.

Atmosphere, activities, academies

While some of our activities are on hiatus due to the pandemic (see sidebar), social activities are very important to us.

Team-building and social activities
All work and no play makes a boring workplace, and life is never dull at Genioo. Our calendar includes time to interact with one another for enjoyment and to deepen relationships.

In-house days and company-wide meetings
We come together to learn from and celebrate client wins and business achievements. Being well-informed helps us replicate successful strategies in our individual areas.

Team lunches and dinners
The communal experience of eating and drinking gives us time to know each other better. And you could say that breaking bread together outside of work feeds us when we’re back at the office, too.

Genioo Academies

A tradition since 2014, the Genioo Academies are the highlights of our year. Twice a year, we bring the global team together to set goals and leverage our collective entrepreneurial talents on how to achieve them. Our Summer Academy extends over five days in July and our Winter Academy takes place over three days in December. Covering everything from workshops to skiing, to team building activities and our annual holiday parties, our Academies are great fun and a invaluable opportunitiy to spend time with colleagues from across the globe. We like to choose new and exciting locations every year, with previous academies having taken place in beautiful locations such as Italy, Switzerland and Ibiza.

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