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Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.


The writing's on the wall

Life is short, work somewhere awesome. It’s a mantra we live by so much so, it’s on the wall in big neon letters in every office, along with our Purpose and Values. But it's much more than just words.

You see, we know the superpowers behind our ambition, innovation, and growth come from the people in our organization. People join Genioo because they want to work for a company that makes an impact to society through the Life Sciences industry we serve. People stay at Genioo because they feel genuinely connected to the people they work with and the work we do together.

We are passionate people and we believe in what we do. We’re a team on a mission, a mission to go way beyond consulting to co-creation. We're driven by a company culture that's embedded deep in our DNA and we live and breathe our purpose, culture, and values every day.

Let's take a deeper look:


It’s the glue that holds everything together. It’s a multiplier in the good times and our stabilizer in the tough times.

Dive deeper into our Culture Playbook, its important to us, to our IPs, our clients, and to you.

Our values

Culture is our way of doing things together with passion. When we all live our values, our clients and customers get to experience the best of Genioo and turn their dreams into realities.


You grow. We grow.

We know investing in our team brings out their best. And we want you to be your best-self every day. We want to make sure your life at Genioo and your career at Genioo are awesome, meet your expectations, give you balance, and help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Everyone at Genioo genuinely cares and is here to support you. Here’s a few things we offer:

Flexibility works both ways

We have a hybrid work environment which is dependent on your role, the needs of the business and the needs or our clients. It works best when you align with your direct lead and team to agree when and where you need to be. Our setup enables easy cloud collaboration to give you the best employee experience at work, at home, and on site with clients. Our offices are based in Zug, Berlin, London, New York, and Boston. You can book a hot desk in the office to deepen your connection with different colleagues and teams. 



Food for thought

The communal experience of eating and drinking gives us time to get to know each other better. Our snack cupboards are filled with healthy treats and drinks (and some less healthy ones too) to keep you fueled for the day. And when you’re in the office with your regional team, we’ll provide you with a good lunch too. 

Made with love

From bake offs to bring a dish and from cupcakes to BIG cakes, connecting and celebrating with food is a big part of who we are. Looks yummy right? Our team confirms it all tasted even better!


Connection and collaboration

Our culture is driven by us working together as One Team, you’ll hear that phrase used a lot.  We know we’re better together [link to values] working as a cross-functional, collaborative team, sharing best practice that can be replicated in other areas. Whether it’s employee awards or Slack Kudos, we love to celebrate our achievements. No matter how big or small, these positive vibes keep up motivation and momentum. 

Virtual get togethers make working across the globe easy, but we also understand the value of being face-to-face and connecting our whole team. And we make a conscious effort to bring our teams together as often as we can:


Global Connect 

We launched our global get togethers in 2014. They're the highlight of our year. And every year they just get better and better.

It’s the time and the place where we come together to shape our strategy, share our thoughts, and plan for our future. It's a healthy balance of workshops, team building activities, social get-togethers, and it always ends in style with a celebratory gala dinner and some impromptu dancing. This amazing experience takes place in a stunning off-site location, and we’re always excited to find out where it will be each year -- Italy, Switzerland, Ibiza?

Genioo Reconnect 

Regional meetings are held twice a year in-person for the US and European teams.

Genioo Connect 

Our global virtual town-halls take place every quarter. We update our teams, stay connected, and celebrate success.

All work, no play is boring

And life is never dull at Genioo, we like to make things joyful [link to values]. Chief Entertainment Officers, not to be confused with our actual CEO, are based in every regional office. Part of a global social committee, they arrange regular regional team get togethers outside of work. Dinner, drinks, fancy-dress, and escape rooms, you name it, our CEOs organize them all. 

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