Innovation has always been a critical success factor in the life sciences industry. But rising R&D costs, complex regulatory environments, heightened focus on safety, pressure to demonstrate evidence and value, increased competition and the inherent uncertainty of life sciences technologies are all making sustained innovation ever more difficult to achieve.  

On the other hand, scientific advances, digital technologies and healthcare system evolution are creating new opportunities for product and business model innovation. For example, new modalities such as cell and gene therapies, mRNA, next generation peptides, oligonucleotides and synthetic molecules all have the potential  to boost R&D productivity significantly. The challenge for life sciences R&D leaders is how to harness these opportunities to reduce costs, improve process efficiency, become more agile and responsive, reduce time-to-market cycles and maximise value creation.

The complexity of R&D environments, the breadth and diversity of stakeholder relationships and the significant investment levels involved mean cookie-cutter approaches are not enough. To succeed, you need a partner who understands the unique challenges and opportunities you face.   

Genioo’s deep industry and functional expertise, our focus on hands-on implementation, and our track record of success makes us uniquely placed to help you achieve your R&D aspirations.


Consultants and SMEs with life sciences R&D expertise


Projects for some of the world’s leading life sciences companies 

How we help

We work with life sciences R&D leaders to help them improve performance across the R&D function, including:

  • Portfolio and resource management - putting in place governance and decision-making processes to identify and prioritize the right projects, and optimize NPV and pipeline value. 
  • Process optimization - including processes for lean and effective research and clinical development, KPI and performance management, and stage gate and development (including cross-functional integration).
  • R&D efficiency and productivity - including organization design and resourcing, and sourcing strategies.  
  • Product launch readiness - connecting the dots between R&D, Commercial, and other key functions to smooth global product launch preparations from submissions to approvals.
  • Capability building and change management – including support with project management and implementation, as well as development of new ways of working and associated playbooks. 
  • We also work with various functions supporting R&D such as medical affairs, pre-clinical development and pharmacovigilance to ensure they are set up to support R&D in driving innovation. 

Why Genioo

We understand the life sciences industry. Our extensive talent pool of high-caliber people brings a unique mix of industry and functional experience in consulting, line management, R&D and more. We also bring a different approach from ‘traditional’ consulting. Clients value our collaborative style, our willingness to roll up our sleeves and work across the organization to get things done, and our highly flexible resourcing model based on your needs, not ours. We work with you to jointly scope and execute projects, ensuring your people develop their skills and retain ownership of projects – which means benefits continue to be realised long after we have gone.


Through our network of more than 300 life sciences R&D and innovation management experts around the world, we have successfully delivered over 50 R&D and Innovation Management projects for some of the world’s leading life sciences companies.


Our flexible resourcing model gives you access to proven expertise when you need it, and not when you don’t. We work with your people to design and deliver solutions for your specific challenges, build their capabilities and ensure sustainable results.

Tools & Methodologies

We have developed a comprehensive set of proven methodologies and tools to help manage R&D initiatives, including R&D performance benchmarks, our R&D operating model methodology, R&D portfolio evaluation framework, clinical services benchmark database and other best-practice based tools.

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