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Productivity Evolution: Improving Cross-Functional Stage Gate Product Development Process for a Medical Device Company

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  • A global medical device company chartered a strategic initiative to “Accelerate Innovation”
  • The initiative included the definition of a cross-functional, end-to-end, stage gate process for new product development


  • Focused on the ”Stage” level of detail and built an initial draft of stage deliverables and stage exit questions organized by key functions
  • Coordinated with functional designees to refine these materials and ensure they reflect the way the function operates currently or expects to operate in the future
  • Finalized deliverables and stage exit questions and organized / presented them in both a stage view and a functional view
  • Developed ancillary materials including statistics, templates / examples, and the process to enter the initiation stage


  • Provided an end-to-end cross-functional view of a customized, best-practice stage gate process for the first time
  • Created a single synthesized set of global franchise deliverables across two franchises and by stage of development