The procurement landscape is undergoing dramatic shifts. Traditionally viewed as a largely transactional function with a narrow cost reduction focus, procurement is now seen as an increasingly valuable source of untapped strategic advantage. The opportunities - and the expectations - have never been greater.

At the same time, Covid-19 and other disruptors have created new and pressing challenges. Long-term procurement roadmaps are no longer viable. Agility, resourcefulness and the ability to respond to rapidly changing business needs are the new priorities. 

The life sciences industry faces particular challenges and opportunities. Adding value in complex and highly regulated categories such as clinical / R&D and direct materials is not easy. But those who succeed can transform supplier relationships to drive innovation, reduce costs, get new products to market faster and create resilient and flexible supply chains. 

Genioo’s specialist expertise, unique approach and proven track record can help you leverage the skills of your existing procurement team to drive real competitive advantage.


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How we help

We partner with clients on the entire procurement value chain: initial opportunity and gap assessment (overall or by category), long-term procurement roadmaps, category-specific procurement strategies, execution of procurement initiatives and projects to ensure savings capture, negotiation excellence training and support, as well as organizational development and capability building.

Why Genioo

Our uniquely flexible approach is very different from a traditional, ‘one-size-fits-all’ consulting model. We work together with you to understand your needs, jointly scope the best approach and support you with the skills and resources you need to achieve your goals - from one or two procurement experts to help you address a specific challenge or opportunity, to helping you deliver your longer-term procurement transformation agenda. Above all, we ensure you retain ownership of the entire process so that changes stick, and bottom-line benefits are delivered. 

Results from recent projects


In sourcing savings generated through global COE set up


Annual savings generated from a spare parts management program


We have deep procurement experience. Our global talent pool includes 300+ procurement and supply chain experts. We work with you to identify the right people, with the right experience, to help you achieve your specific procurement goals.

Track Record

We have successfully delivered over 100 procurement, costs and productivity projects in the last 5 years. From sourcing APIs to negotiating CMO and CRO agreements and more, we understand the unique challenges you face - and we know what it takes to succeed.

Tools & Methodologies

We bring an extensive range of PMO and data analytics tools, diagnostics, benchmarks, templates and methodologies that we can apply as appropriate. We can also work within your existing frameworks, rather than forcing you into an unfamiliar approach.

"Working with Genioo was a different experience because they spend time working on the vision of the future, and acting as a sparring partner before we went onto working on projects together. When we then executed a project, it was much easier to see how the new processes put in place would fit with the overall procurement vision."
Alan Rankin Chief Procurement Officer, STADA Group

Do you need to drive real competitive advantage in your procurement function?

Genioo’s specialist expertise, unique approach and proven track record can help you leverage the skills of your existing procurement team to drive real competitive advantage.

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