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Productivity Program: Unlocking USD 500m to Fuel Future Growth

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  • A medical device company needed to maintain its competitiveness and market leadership position in the market by reducing operating cost baseline and investing it across growth opportunities 
  • The CEO and Executive team sought external support to set up overarching program for savings initiative with a target of 500m USD to free up funds for future growth pipeline


  • In partnership with the client, co-designed and executed a fit-for-purpose program plan to ensure capture of the savings 
  • Provided joint leadership with client team incorporating active savings pipeline management in PMO targets, identification of new savings opportunities and ensured that all savings initiatives were fully implemented to translate into the financial statements
  • Work done was a combination of a central PMO and multiple execution work stream support along the biggest regions


  • Met productivity targets with the program being the most successful of the year
  • Client leadership and leaders expressed high levels of satisfaction towards Genioo work
  • Very good client satisfaction scores despite difficult program to execute