The role of Business Development & Licensing (BD&L) teams in life science businesses is becoming increasingly critical. With strong treatments available for many illnesses, spiralling costs, changing regulatory requirements and the challenging economics of developing drugs for rare illnesses, it’s clear that very few truly innovative products coming out of traditional R&D pipelines will lead to blockbuster opportunities. To fuel their growth aspirations, businesses need to look outside their own organizations.

But while the pressure to complement internal innovation with external sources continues unabated, the role of BD&L teams has also become more difficult. Advancing science and the development of new modalities such as cell and gene therapy, changes to business models (for example drug device combinations, the emergence of digital health solutions and intense competition for new assets) have all made the BD&L landscape more challenging and complex. 

To help address key corporate challenges, BD&L teams today must have a broader focus than ever. Staying on top of this extended landscape can stretch already scarce resources – especially when multiple opportunities need to be pursued at the same time. The challenge is remaining focused on the organization’s strategic goals, while operating effectively in an increasingly fast, complex and competitive environment.

Genioo’s unique mix of industry knowledge and expertise, commercial knowledge, top tier consulting experience and flexible resourcing model make us the perfect choice to complement and augment your internal teams and help you achieve your objectives.


Consultants and SMEs with BD&L expertise


BD&L projects

How we help

We help clients along the entire BD&L value chain from identification to integration, including:

  • initial landscape assessments 
  • outside in evaluation
  • commercial and business due diligence
  • partnership and engagement structures 
  • development of 100 day plans and integration of critical activities

Our breadth of expertise means we help you with anything from finding and interviewing key opinion leaders, to end-to-end management of the entire project. From tactical to more strategic initiatives, you are supported by senior people with a unique mix of extensive BD&L, line management and consulting experience.

Why Genioo

Genioo combines the best of both worlds. Our experienced consultants bring both strategic thinking and problem solving, as well as deep subject matter expertise, to help you address the challenges you face. 

Our flexible, collaborative model is ideally suited to the 'plug-and-play' needs of BD&L teams. We can provide tailored support during periods of peak activity or extended support for larger strategic projects. Our consultants are all experienced, senior people who can hit the ground running. Our extensive industry knowledge and broad consulting experience means we can add immediate and lasting value.

Proven track record

We have supported dozens of successful BD&L projects for leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies around the world. We bring an unmatched combination of proven consulting and subject matter expertise in the life sciences industry to help you succeed.

Collaborative approach

Our role is to help you achieve your objectives. We believe long term success happens when your people retain ownership and accountability. We work alongside them to support, guide and help them achieve their goals.

Flexible support

In today’s environment, BD&L projects can be fast paced and there can be multiple projects in play at any one time – so flexible support from a trusted partner is key. Genioo’s unique engagement model means you get the support you need, when you need it, from senior, highly experienced consultants  - and it can be scaled up or down as your needs change.  

To find out more on how we can help you complement your internal teams and help you achieve your BD&L objectives, get in touch today.

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