Improving productivity is an ongoing focus for any successful business, but in the current environment it is more critical than ever. The impact of Covid-19 and other upheavals has created a new normal, with new challenges – and new opportunities.

Changing demand patterns, supply chain and digital disruption, new ways of working and increasing uncertainty all present opportunities to fundamentally rethink key areas of your operation. Those who adapt best to this new normal can reduce costs, make better use of resources and produce better outcomes for their customers.  

But while there is no shortage of productivity initiatives being undertaken, few succeed. Lack of clarity, inability to execute and lack of ownership and buy-in are all key reasons why so many fail to deliver the promised results.

At Genioo, we help you turn your opportunities into results. Our approach makes change stick by ensuring your people understand the need for change, and their role in achieving it.  We help you deliver more, for less.


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Productivity and cost transformation projects

How we help

We work with ambitious leaders to deliver business-critical projects. We help businesses improve productivity through opportunities including identifying key levers to reduce COGS, increasing supply chain resilience, leveraging digital opportunities, enabling a fundamental re-assessment of your cost base through zero-based budgeting initiatives, and reallocating your resources to better fit your evolving business needs. We also help you unleash the potential of your front-line leaders and teams to deliver lasting productivity gains.

Why Genioo

We take a different approach to projects – one that puts your people front and centre. We work alongside you, supporting your teams with experienced professionals, rigorous PMO processes, effective stakeholder management and extensive tools and methodologies that we tailor to your specific needs. Our flexible approach gives you support where you need it while ensuring ownership remains where it belongs – with your people. We use our extensive experience and expertise to help you develop and deliver projects that deliver real, sustainable value.

Results from some of our projects


In savings freed up through global, cross-functional productivity program


In savings through a global transformation program


Our talent pool includes over 500 productivity experts worldwide, with experience across a wide range of industries (including particular expertise in the life sciences sector). We understand the key productivity levers and can help you focus on the critical issues for your business.

Track Record

We have successfully delivered over 100 procurement, costs and productivity projects for a range of clients over the last five years. Outcomes range from significant bottom-line savings (including a $1 billion reduction in inventory costs for a global pharmaceutical company,) to transforming business operations (including helping a global MedTech company successfully roll out new ways of working following a corporate restructure).


Our approach is very different from a traditional consulting model. We provide tailored solutions typically involving a small number of highly experienced consultants, not off-the-shelf solutions involving a large team of junior consultants. By leveraging and developing your existing capabilities, we minimize your investment and ensure you have access to the resources you need to succeed.

Find out how to deliver more, for less.

Our productivity programs will unleash the potential of your front-line leaders and teams to deliver lasting productivity gains.

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