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Transformation Program: Identifying COGS Reduction Opportunities in Top 20 Molecules for a Global Leader in Generic and Biosimilars

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  • The top 20 molecules of a global leader in generic and biosimilar medicines exhibited a high degree of diversity in terms of supply chain set-up, external supply strategies and bulks in use for the same product. Hence, large internal variations in COGS existed
  • Genioo was hired to identify the optimal supply chain set-up for prioritized molecules; quantify the potential cost savings and additional market opportunity from its execution; and identify the main requirements to realize it


  • Collected data on top molecules and interviewed regional team and prioritized five molecules based on size of opportunity for detailed analysis
  • Developed opportunities using standard levers and identified key enablers and quantified the main ones with respective execution activities
  • Assessed resource and capability requirement for execution phase and high-level investment need and designed execution phase governance and decision-making set-up


  • Provided a diagnostic that significantly increased visibility and transparency for top 20 molecules
  • Performed an opportunity assessment for selected molecules, including the investment required the following year and high-level demand