With ongoing disruption and heightened competitive pressure continuing to transform markets, doing what you’ve always done is a recipe for failure. The single most important challenge for leaders is how to transform their business in response.  Meeting that challenge requires a clear vision for the future of their organization and the people they serve. The most successful leaders focus not on ‘what is’, but on ‘what if’.

But to succeed, leaders must be clear about exactly what success looks like, both for their organizations and themselves. But that is not always a simple thing to achieve. With the future becoming less and less predictable, defining what success looks like even 12 or 24 months out is much harder than it was even ten years ago.  

With much at stake, visionary leadership is not a role for the faint-hearted or ill-prepared. Leaders are personally and professionally accountable, yet they face a range of obstacles such as lack of resources, lack of buy-in and competing agendas. The key is managing the inevitable trade-offs while staying firmly focused on the bigger picture. 

While the stakes and the barriers to success are high, so are the potential rewards. Leaders who dare and succeed enjoy immense personal fulfilment and open up unparalleled career and progression opportunities. 

Managing the burden of expectation both from themselves and others, however, can present its own obstacles. Leadership can be a lonely occupation. Finding a suitable support network, with people who understand the challenges and pressures, can be difficult. Yet research shows that the opportunity to get support, discuss issues, identify opportunities and test out strategies in a safe environment can make all the difference. 

Genioo’s Success Planning program is designed to help you achieve your ambitions. It is a series of one-on-one conversations with experienced Genioo partners who understand the challenges and opportunities you face. We help you gain clarity on your goals and develop a clear work plan to achieve them. It is a highly personalized program with a single focus – helping you and the company you lead to succeed.

Dedicated to your Success

The Success Planning program creates a unique, private and completely confidential environment for leaders. Facilitated by experienced Genioo partners, the program typically involves three core sessions over a five-week period, with regular check-ins and follow-ups. Each core session is focused on a specific theme:

  • The first session is an opportunity to reflect on the past, what has worked well and not so well, articulate your personal and professional goals and identify your assets and obstacles
  • The second session focuses on linking your goals to your assets and identifying obstacles, finding ways to overcome obstacles, and developing an initial high-level plan
  • The third session focuses on finalizing an individual action plan, setting specific milestones and responsibilities, identifying next steps and how progress will be tracked

Regular check-ins are scheduled to review progress, discuss risks and challenges and validate next steps. At every stage our facilitators act as sounding boards, bringing insights from their extensive experience to help you achieve your goals.

Why Genioo Success Planning?

Our Success Planning program has been developed from our experience of working with successful, visionary leaders, and our understanding of what it takes to succeed at this level. It is facilitated by highly experienced Genioo partners with senior executive and top-tier consulting backgrounds. It is backed up by Genioo’s unrivalled track record of helping our clients turn their big ideas into lasting value, for themselves and their companies.


Genioo’s Success Planning program will help you:

  • Gain clarity on your goals, assets and obstacles
  • Prioritize your efforts and focus on high value activities
  • Benefit from insights of Genioo partners based on their own experience and their long-term relationships with senior executives from some of the world’s leading companies
  • Create a robust and tailored plan of action to achieve success as quickly as possible
  • Gain renewed energy and a sense of personal fulfilment
  • Sustain your motivation and drive to succeed

Tangible results

Leaders are judged on results – so our Success Planning program is focused on outcomes, not outputs. Concrete action plans and regular follow-ups ensure leaders can deliver on their objectives and realize their ambition.

Proven approach

We have developed proven proprietary methodologies and tools from deep one-on-one conversations with successful business leaders.

Custom designed environment

The program takes place in a confidential, open and safe environment designed to spark conversation, challenge existing paradigms and provide you with opportunities to extend your thinking. Above all, it is focused completely on your unique needs and goals and what success means for you, both personally and in your business role. 

Frederic Brunner, CEO, discusses how Genioo helps ambitious Life Sciences leaders realize their vision

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Our Success Planning programs will help you gain clarity on your goals and develop a clear work plan to achieve them, ultimately helping you and the company you lead to succeed.

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