Digital innovation is high on the strategic agenda of almost every business.  But ‘digital’ is a broad, complex and fast-moving subject. The question is not simply how to ‘become more digital’. What matters is how to get the best from your digital investment.

The payoff for getting it right can be huge. Successful digital strategies can transform the future of a business, and of entire industries.  But the success rate is low. Most digital projects go over time or over budget – sometimes spectacularly. And despite the significant amount of time, money and resources digital initiatives typically consume, many fail to deliver on the expected outcome and impact.

Finding the digital expertise is one key component of a successful project. But when digital initiatives fail, it is mostly because the rigor, structure and experience required to manage complex, cross functional projects is lacking. Often, there is also insufficient focus on managing the cultural and behavioural change required for success.

Even when digital solutions are delivered successfully, they can fail to realize the anticipated benefits. Sometimes the reason is resistance to new ways of working. Sometimes it is a failure of vision. Real digital transformation is not simply about digitizing existing processes. It requires looking beyond the way you operate today, to how technology can help you create new business models, new value propositions and new ways of serving your customers. Yet too often digital initiatives are hampered by a lack of clarity and ambition.

Genioo can help you maximize the return on your digital investment by achieving clarity and alignment on your vision before you start – and working alongside you to make it happen. 


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How we help

We work with clients from strategy to execution – from defining their digital vision and aligning key stakeholders behind it, to helping them manage the delivery and ensure the intended benefits are achieved.

Our global talent pool includes some of the best senior digital talent in the market. We can help you review and test your digital strategy to ensure it is both optimised for your business and feasible to implement.

We also bring world class project and change management expertise to help you implement your vision.

Through our unique Top Team Alignment program, we help ensure your key stakeholders are aligned and have ownership and accountability for making it happen. We also help you develop a bullet-proof plan with clear roles and milestones – creating the foundation for success from the start.

We support you with highly experienced, senior consultants who work alongside you to help you achieve your goals. We can help you select the right integration partners, and ensure effective orchestration of all the moving parts in often complex project structures. We also help implement and embed the new ways of working needed to deliver the intended benefits. Unlike other off-the-shelf approaches, our support can be tailored to your specific needs.

Our pragmatic approach, extensive talent & experience and proven methodologies & tools help you deliver real transformation - and gain a real competitive advantage.

Why Genioo

We take a different approach to projects – one that puts your people front and centre. We work alongside you, supporting your teams with experienced professionals, rigorous PMO processes, effective stakeholder management and extensive tools and methodologies that we tailor to your specific needs. Our flexible approach gives you support where you need it while ensuring ownership remains where it belongs – with your people. We use our extensive experience and expertise to help you develop and deliver projects that deliver real, sustainable value.

Proven methodologies

Our integrated transformation approach brings together proven project and change management methodologies, best practices and tools to ensure the five key dimensions of success (planning, team, commitment, investment and cross-functional change) are in place at every stage in the process – and our unique Top Team Alignment program ensures your project is set up for success from the start. 

Experienced people

We give you support from highly experienced practitioners with successful track records, not armies of junior consultants. Our people bring a unique mix of top-tier consulting and hands-on line management and operational experience in digital transformation, project and change management, and subject matter expertise – and our agile resourcing model means you can scale support up or down as you need it.


Delivering on your transformation goals, whether digital or otherwise, depends on your team owning the process. We believe the best use of consultants is to guide, mentor and coach your people. We work alongside your team to ensure they have the capabilities they need to drive the project from day one. Our unique approach not only delivers results, but also ensures your team can continue to sustain the transformation after external support ends.

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