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Digital Functions: Supporting Digital Go-to-Market Model Ideation and Planning Workshop for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

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2 minute read


  • Client had a very traditional go-to-market model relying mainly on the interactions of sales representatives with HCPs
  • This traditional model limited the exposure and opportunities to increase coverage of SDDs and provided no competitive advantage
  • Furthermore, SDDs were becoming increasingly reluctant to provide access, mindshare, and time to sales reps – specifically if they perceived a lack of clear benefit


  • Genioo organized a highly interactive, ideation workshop in which we brought the client together with market leaders in the digital industry and highlighted a series of products and strategies around which to tailor the new Go-To Market Model
  • Through the ideation session it became clear that focusing on client pain points and modern way of communication would highly benefit the ability to penetrate the SDD market


  • The client was able to distill a top 10 list of viable digital strategies for further detailing within minimal time and investment
  • An inclusive approach to workshops and communication allowed the client to spread its network and follow up on potential strategies with experts in the field