Disruption, intense competition and uncertainty are the defining characteristics of the modern business environment. In the face of these pressures, incremental change is no longer enough. The ability to reinvent the way you work, and how you create value, has become a key competitive advantage. 

In this environment the need for fundamental transformation is well understood. What is less well understood is how to achieve it. Organizations spend vast amounts of time, money and effort creating transformation strategies, but most rarely deliver the intended results. Research shows that around 70% of large, strategic change initiatives fail.

There are many reasons why. Implementation is usually an afterthought.  While transformation initiatives typically get a lot of attention in the first three to six months attention and interest soon shifts to other priorities - just as the critical value capture phase start. Implementation is also often left to armies of junior consultants who lack hands-on experience. The predictable result is lack of buy-in and ownership, poor communication, and inadequate resourcing because there is no real understanding of what is really required to succeed. 

But transformation does not happen by itself. Too often, there is a gap between theory and practice. Bridging that gap can be hard, complex and messy. Yet in our experience, it is in the execution where the real value is delivered. 

Genioo was created to fill this gap between strategy and delivery; between the early enthusiasm and the phase where the benefits really hit the bottom line. Our consultants all bring deep, hands-on senior management and top-tier consulting experience. We understand what it takes to deliver on your goals, and we work alongside you to create the conditions for success. Our unique approach ensures your people have the help and support they need when they need it, and not when they don’t. It also ensures that ownership always remains where it belongs – with your people.

Our purpose is to help you fully transform your big ideas into lasting value. 


Consultants and SMEs with transformation experience


Transformation projects for global brands 

How we help

We work across the spectrum from helping you gain clarity on your vision and what success looks like for you and your organization, to helping you deliver the changes needed to achieve your goals and realize maximum value. 

Our proven, integrated, end-to-end approach ensures all the critical components for success are in place, and it starts from the top. Genioo’s Success Planning program helps business leaders gain clarity on their goals and the actions need to achieve them, through a series of one-on-one conversations with experienced Genioo partners. 

Our proprietary Top Team Alignment program ensures your executive and project teams are aligned behind your vision for transformation. Top Team Alignment helps you build trust and ownership amongst your team. It also results in a bullet-proof plan with clear accountabilities, actions and milestones, and creates the focus and momentum needed, right from the start.

We draw on our extensive experience of successfully managing large-scale change initiatives, using our best-in-class methodologies, tools and resources to help you plan and execute your project. Our experienced, senior consultants work alongside your team to provide support, from ensuring the right program structure, resourcing and governance is in place, to setting up and leading a strong Program Management Office, to rigorous steering, tracking and value realization. Our approach provides the support you need while ensuring ownership remains with your own people.

We combine real-world experience with a proven methodology, and an affordable enablement model, to deliver real change and lasting value. 

We also work at a hands-on level to help you deliver the changes required in processes, systems, ways of working and behaviours, providing support from senior people with extensive change, project and line management experience. Our approach provides the support you need while ensuring ownership remains with your own people. We combine real world experience with a proven methodology and an affordable enablement model, to deliver real change and lasting value.  

Proven methodology

Our integrated transformation approach brings together proven project and change management methodologies, best practices and tools to ensure the five key dimensions of success (planning, team, commitment, investment and cross-functional change) are in place at every stage in the process - and our results speak for themselves.

Experienced people

We give you support from highly experienced practitioners with successful track records, not armies of junior consultants. Our people bring a unique mix of top-tier consulting and hands-on line management and operational experience – and our agile resourcing model means you can scale support up or down as you need it.


Delivering on your transformation goals depends on your team owning the process – not consultants. We work alongside your people to ensure they have the capabilities they need to drive the project from day one. Our unique approach not only delivers results, but also ensures your team can continue to sustain the transformation after external support ends.

"I have used Genioo in several large-scale transformational programs including restructuring, business strategy development, shared services, and acquisition integration. They bring experienced professionals who hit the ground running, work collaboratively, and quickly embed themselves into our team. Their relentless focus on delivery, and ability to create value through tangible results, sets them apart from their competitors."
James Stewart EVP, Merck kgAa

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