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Global Transformation: Supporting a Leading Life Sciences Company in Global Transformation Program to Generate 200m USD in Annual Savings

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  • Global life science company targeted a 200bps improvement in returns on sales, 100m USD of this to come from the countries
  • How to allocate the 100m USD in OpInc. improvement to regions was unclear to the client and executive team encountered fierce resistance from region heads
  • Client engaged Genioo to help uncover where the OpInc. potential resided, convince and then help regions to realize those benefit


  • Working closely with Global BPA and region CFOs, Genioo developed a model that uncovered over 100m USD in OpInc. improvement potential across 6 levers by region: Gross-to-Net, Commercial Excellence, Go-To-Market, A&P, Field Force, and M&S
  • Working with country teams, Genioo subsequently developed a "heat map" that captured potential by lever and by country, thereby allowing region CFOs to prioritize focus countries/levers
  • Lastly, Genioo developed a robust Gross-to-Net methodology to optimize GtN globally, piloting the program in 3 key countries and training trainers for global rollout


  • Identified concretely the 100m USD OpInc. improvement sources, allowing the client to move decisively into implementation in region and countries thus realize identified benefits