Delivering these kinds of multi-layered initiatives is not easy. To succeed, every level of your organization must be on board - and understand their role in making it happen. Our integrated, end-to-end approach helps you ensure nothing is left to chance. We work alongside you to create the foundation you need to succeed. 

What does the journey look like?

Success starts from the top. Through our Success Planning program, we help leaders gain clarity on what they want to achieve, and the assets and obstacles along the way.

Before the project begins, we ensure the people who must deliver it are aligned behind the vision. Our Top Team Alignment program builds trust and commitment among your team, ensures they understand the end goal and helps them develop a clear plan to achieve it.

Having a clear vision is critical, but in our experience it is in the execution where the real value is created. We work alongside your team to ensure that the critical components are in place, from strong governance and effective program management office leadership to robust tracking and benefit realization. Our consultants are all senior people with a mix of project, industry and functional experience in procurement, R&D, digital, commercial and much more.

Genioo’s unique approach delivers the hands-on support you need, when you need it, to turn your vision into reality.

We support you with proven methodologies across the lifecycle of your project to ensure you achieve your vision and goals


Genioo leaders support you to hone your vision and clearly articulate the benefits you want to capture


We bring the expertise and experience to define the deliverables necessary to capture the benefits you envisioned


We work with your team to co-create a detailed plan of what needs to be done, by whom, by when


We execute the project side-by-side with your own team


When you need additional support, we are there to provide just the right amount you need, not more or less

Transforming your vision to reality

Success Planning

Genioo’s Success Planning program is designed to help you achieve your ambitions. It has been developed from our experience of working with successful, visionary leaders, and our understanding of what it takes to succeed at this level. We help you gain clarity on your goals and develop a clear work plan to achieve them. 

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Top Team Alignment

Too often, change programs get under way without sufficient planning, alignment and understanding of the effort required to succeed. Genioo’s Top Team Alignment program is a proven approach designed to help you create a platform for success from the start. If you are serious about success, Top Team Alignment is an investment that will repay itself many times over. 

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Pro Projects Suite

Genioo’s Pro Suite was created to help organizations deliver change and transformation programs that are too important to fail. We work with clients undertaking complex, mission-critical programs and projects to help them translate their ideas and targets into structured programs with detailed plans and measurable outcomes.

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Smart Projects Suite

Our Smart Suite offering combines the strength and intellectual property of Genioo with the flexibility to tailor the right level of support for your specific needs. We only employ senior, highly experienced consultants who can hit the ground running and add immediate value to your project - and your team. 

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The type of clients we work best with

You are looking to find ways to make big improvements even where / when not asked to do it; when you see potential you want to fully exploit it

You get satisfaction when you see genuine improvement; you are not interested if something starts well but then gets stopped before genuine benefits have been realized

You believe that the best results come by combining the strength of your team with that of the external vendors you use. If something is not working, you want both your team and the external vendor to fix it together

You know that there is no substantial progress without some risk and are willing to do what is necessary to improve while managing the risk. For you the bigger risk is to stagnate and eventually fall behind 

You want to get to the goal and plan.  You see collaboration and co-creation with other talented people as a better approach and a critical way to achieve better goals and greater ownership 

You believe that the best successes are achieved when two parties have passion for a shared goal and are willing to mutually give more to the relationship to reach better results. You ask a lot from people and suppliers but are willing to do a lot for them in return to make sure that this win-win scenario is created

You would rather do things right the first time round and recognise that feasibility assessments are critical for achieving success, on time. You are comfortable with explaining why you and your team need help to meet certain goals

You have the mindset that things can and should be improved over time; that where there is a will, there is a way. You believe that obstacles can be surmounted with the right plans and preparation