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Top Team Alignment: Three to Five Year Strategy Workshop for a Technical Organization

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  • Client had initiated a number of improvement programs in both the commercial and technical divisions
  • As part of the change program, the leadership had also undergone significant changes 
  • The TechOps team, under new leadership, aimed to get off to a strong start with an aligned team across the functions
  • The TechOps leadership wanted to develop a shared understanding of the TechOps strategy and plans to support client’s ambition


Developed a common view for the leadership CTO team for:

  1. Current challenges and gaps
  2. Improvement plans
  3. Enablers required (e.g. governance)
  4. Aspiration and objectives 

Through a joint workshop translated these aspirations into concrete objectives and plans


  • Client developed a vision for 2023, annual targets, and identified quick wins and savings for each strategic focus area