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Your strengths are our strengths

Together, we are building a strategy realization firm that delivers better and faster results. Our foundations are built on the strengths of our people, like you, and so we have set concrete foundations upon which you can build your career.

Our four pillars of success:

We’ll throw open the doors to an influential and powerful industry of Fortune 500 clients, and high-impact, high-visibility projects that will build a better future and define your career.

You’ll build deep, long-lasting relationships working cross-functionally and collaboratively across our dynamic internal and external network. And whatever your role, you’ll inspire and be inspired by our team of like-minded people, bringing together unique perspectives and new ways of working to champion innovation and growth.

An example of our work

Tech Ops transformation unlocks €210m of cost savings 

A new Executive Committee of a global pharma envisioned a transformed Generics organization with best-in-class operations in Manufacturing, Procurement, Quality, Supply Chain, and G&A. This presented >150 initiatives and €200m cost savings, but the success enablers were missing. 

Its partnership with Genioo enabled leaders to work cross-functionally, harmonize plans, processes, playbooks across geographies, and ultimately execute this transformation. We delivered savings of €209m in three years, 120% against the year one target, +50% EBITDA.

We don’t believe in boundaries, but we do believe in unique abilities, and as we shape and build the future of Genioo, there are endless opportunities for you to get involved, truly find your talents, and do more of what you love.

A People Story

For Bettina Kolleger, our Head of Legal & Projects, her career began with Genioo in the Finance team. She joined in 2015 as Senior Accountant, and shortly after became the Head of Finance before expanding her role to the Global Head of Finance & Internal Operations. After her second child, she knew she wanted and needed to pull back from the intensity of the day-to-day. And with the value she brought to Genioo being well acknowledged, our leadership and People team partnered with her to create a new role - Head of Legal and Projects. The role plays to her unique abilities and strengths in organization, planning, and getting things done, offers her the flexibility to have work-life balance, fits in around her children, and gives Genioo a dedicated resource to drive critical projects as we scale and grow. 

You’re a thinker, with a powerful perspective that drives change, and you’re a doer, not afraid to dig in to do the job well. You’ll help co-create our future, growing our functions, expanding our practices, and designing initiatives to deliver our goals. We’ll design a better future and build it together.

Let's look at this in action

Our culture and values impact everyone at Genioo and everyone who works with us.

In The Genioo Way, co-creation is the key to unlock understanding, belief, and ownership (UBO). And so, at our Summer Academy 2022, our whole team came together for a facilitated working session to define our Purpose and begin to shape our Values. A smaller cross-functional working group then nurtured these into the five Values we live by today, and another group defined our Culture Playbook. Our Culture and Values continue to evolve in this way.

You’ll play to your strengths, learn from the best, and put your best foot forward with a confident stride. Our size and structure enable you to get involved in a wide variety of projects. We encourage you to say ‘yes’ to steep learning curves that challenge you to grow every day.

Partners on your Genioo journey

We’re not limited by set positions and rigid job descriptions, we like people to be hands on. We give you space to learn and grow in your career based on your skills, interests, and ambition, and how these evolve.

Investing in developing our people delivers lasting value. So, we want to know what drives you – meaningful project work, business development, client service, presenting to stakeholders? Anything that’s fundamental to our business. We thrive on diverse perspectives and when you use the unique abilities you have.

You can take your career in any direction. You’re in the driving seat, decide where you want to go. Project management today, relationship management tomorrow? The future is up to you.

Set up for success

Everyone who joins us plays an important role. And your contribution makes a difference from the moment you come onboard. Whether it’s training, coaching, mentoring, or feedback, the conversation and learnings will always be two-way:

Meaningful onboarding

From the day you join us you’ll hit the ground running, there’s so much to learn on the job. 

Your development lead (DL) alongside a thorough onboarding program will help build your foundations and deepen connections outside of your team. Colleagues from across the business, and across the waters, will share what they do and how it impacts your work. 

Our Jedi Buddy Program

As a new Genioo Jedi, we partner you up with a Jedi Buddy who will share their own experience and insights from a different team and office's perspective. With their top tips for getting up to speed, connecting with colleagues, getting involved in projects that help shape our future, you will soon find your feet.

Your Jedi Buddy will be there for you until you are fully onboarded. And it often creates a deep and lasting relationship beyond onboarding, so you always have somewhere to go for support. 

Here's what our Jedi Anish and his Jedi Buddy Admas had to say about the experience:

At the end of your onboarding you’ll set a direction for your future success.

Build on your unique abilities

You’ll feel empowered to shape your own career development and together, we’ll co-create your career and development path. Your hunger to learn, and ambition to grow, will be supported by everyone here because we believe:

  • We grow from our experiences at Genioo
  • We learn from our interactions with colleagues
  • We gain knowledge working with our valued clients
  • We spend time off the job learning, too.

Learn from experience

Learning goes beyond formal instructor-led training, our experience makes us experts and differentiates who we are.

While much of your training will be on the job, we also offer formal training, coaching, and mentoring. It's an opportunity to share skills with colleagues across the company. And you can take a further five days off for training each year, in addition to your vacation time.

Mark the milestones

Feedback is a key component of your success. We encourage feedback from everyone, for everyone, every day – whether it’s recognizing good work, reminding people of our culture and values, or sharing best practice and new ways of working. You will have regular check-ins with your development lead, more formal 1-2-1s to plan and review, and a 360 annual review combining a self-assessment with feedback from your colleagues and stakeholders for a more holistic view.

We value and reward contributions, recognizing excellent work, stellar relationship building, technical mastery – skills that are relevant to your role. And beyond this, we look deeper into your contribution to the company, embracing our culture, embodying our values, and fitting in with our team.  

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