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Digital Partnership: Executing Partnership Rollout for a Global Pharmaceutical Company to Better Reach HCPs Through Digital Sales Channels

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  • HCPs are becoming harder to reach by common channels. Furthermore they become more demanding in regards to quality of service (connecting the dots)
  • Enterprise-wide data availability relevant for reps is steadily growing, while exploitation of this data gets more and more complex 
  • The strategic decision was to enable better service by embracing the options provided by the digitalization of sales channels and information utilization


  • Genioo and client jointly onboarded selected 3rd party digital companies in order to enhance data integration and accessibility
  • Genioo facilitated the communication and collaboration between the country implementation project and the 3rd party digital providers, while also ensuring the vertical communication/collaboration reaching from ECN to country level
  • Genioo supported the elaboration and selection of the digital use-cases by bringing in expert to contribute knowledge and supervise the implementation in the field


  • Genioo’s ability to close the chasm between the digital/technical skills of the 3rd party providers and the functional need of the client enabled the successful identification of applicable and implementable use cases
    Genioo supported to steer 6 country implementation into a structured and on target implementation progress, while simultaneously handling the complexity of the collaboration of 3rd party externals together with client global and local workforces