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Global Corporate Strategy: Developing a Corporate Strategy for a Biotech with a Focus on Accelerating Investments and Footprint in China

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2 minute read


  • A clinical stage biotech company had a number of promising assets in development
  • It also had a technology platform based on SNP, with potential applications in other ophthalmic areas
  • The company had completed a portfolio landscape review and had detailed understanding of the market, scientific and competitive landscape


  • Developed a comprehensive 100-page corporate strategy document for its Board of Directors and potential investors
  • Evaluated company’s market potential in China and summarized its strategic options
  • Updated information memorandum with company overview, positioning, pipeline prioritization, and latest market analysis


  • Rebuilt the revenue model for client’s most promising candidate, reflecting more accurate addressable market and sales potential
  • The corporate strategy document was used in client’s Board of Director meetings and will be presented to potential investors to raise another series of funding