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Transformation Program: Increasing Scientific Rigor, Cost Reduction and Spend Transparency for Local Clinical Trials

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  • A Top 10 pharmaceutical company was missing the transparency of the medical spend – especially in the region & countries
  • As part of a company-wide initiative, the focus was put on local clinical trials in the Medical Affairs division


  • Initial assessment of current issues revealed gaps in compliance, redundancy in studies across countries, non-targeted study design resulting in gaps in evidence generation, and lack of efficiencies
  • A new medical governance body (Scientific Committee) has been formed to evaluate, prioritize and finally approve clinical trials that are planned on county level – KPIs have been defined to track success
  • An evidence generation framework has been established to minimize redundancy and targeted study design


  • 99 % of all local clinical studies were aligned with the evidence generation framework resulting in better study design, less redundancy, and increased compliance
  • Measures put in place resulted in 8 % savings (medium double-digit Mio USD per year) and full transparency on country spend