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Employee Enablement: Designing an Integrated "Learning Strategy" with Underlying Learning Platform for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

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2 minute read


  • A global pharmaceutical company had various local and functional strategies regarding learning & people development
  • Various technology solutions made it difficult for their staff to find the right learning 


  • Used a structured approach to develop a picture of the company’s current learning landscape and users‘ pains and preferences
  • Developed the future vision of life-long learning experience based on key learning components
  • Worked together with the IT department, digital service partners and learning content designer to develop a state-of-the-art mock-up of the future learning platform within a four week timeframe
  • Designed a roadmap to implement the vision which enabled the basics to be rapidly addressed and an improved learning experience


  • Clear target state of the future learning environment and learning platform
  • Implementation roadmap with business case
  • On-time delivery of learning platform mockup