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Post Merger Integration: Management of All Integration Activities of a Digital Visualization Company Acquired by a Medical Device Firm

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  • A global medical device company, specialized in eye care products, acquired an exclusive OEM partner in the digital visualization space; the acquired firm originally served ophthalmology and neurosurgery clients, creating the need to split the company into each segment and only integrate the ophthalmology team
  • To manage the integration, a detailed plan was to be developed and executed with cross-functional teams in order to ensure a successful integration and minimize risks associated with the complexity of the particular setup.


  • Formed a cross-functional integration team and developed detailed plans to ensure the smooth execution of Day One activities and subsequent integration phases
  • Designed governance and tracking tools to facilitate the execution of integration activities and maintained frequent touchpoints and working sessions with key stakeholders
  • Restructured and transferred the team into the R&D organization to foster a complete focus on development activities


  • Successfully executed Day One activities and obtained strong engagement from new associates, ensuring business continuity.
  • Achieved timely integration of development and governance processes
  • Successfully executed key integration priorities (e.g., IT systems, infrastructure, quality) and transitioned to “business as usual” state.