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Commercial Strategy Redefinition: Establishing a Strategic Plan to Transform the Commercial and Manufacturing Strategy of a Leading Biopharma CDMO

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  • A Global Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing and Development Organization (CDMO) was developing and refining its strategy. As part of this, it was considering both commercial market developments and manufacturing implications


  • Identified and assessed business opportunities while considering all aspects influencing the market situation and potential risks
  • Recommendations were structured and presented to senior decision-makers after intensive internal stakeholder management in information-gathering phases and verification of findings, interdependencies, opportunities and risks with related action and mitigation plans


  • Strategic recommendations for the business during 2018-2030 horizon were accepted and taken forward to the executive board
  • Strong case built around key strategic opportunities and risks identified, along with respectively recommended action and mitigation plans, influencing senior decision-making on long-term plans within Pharma & Biotech Division