We want your experience to be awesome, and this is how we ensure the motto is more than just a gilded plaque on the office wall: 

  • We seek to redefine what’s traditional about work, encouraging employees to play an equal role in furthering their careers.
  • We allow you the opportunity to stretch and grow in a fast-track environment that supports the discovery of your passions and gifts and our collective development and achievements.
  • We value and reward contributions, recognizing excellent work, stellar relationship management and the creative client solutions fundamental to our company’s continued success.

Partners on your Genioo journey

We’re not limited by a set number of internal positions or overly rigid job descriptions. We give team members the space to learn and grow in their careers based on skills, interests and ambition — and how those aspects evolve.

We’re in the talent-building business, as well as helping organizations turn big ideas into lasting value. So … what drives you — delivering meaningful project work, building up new client accounts, presenting to an organization’s stakeholders? 

All aspects of project and client work are fundamental to our business. It’s simple: we thrive when you use the gifts you have.

While we’re here to support you, you are at the helm of growing your career at Genioo. 

Will you work in project management today and relationship management tomorrow? 

Will you support one type of client today and, later, become an expert in another industry?

Where you go and what you do has yet to be defined. The “future you” is up to you — and that’s empowering.

Meaningful onboarding and performance measurement

In our high-performing culture, each individual must understand how their contributions make a difference in how their performance is measured — and this is why we prioritize regular feedback throughout your career at Genioo. We also value two-way dialogues, which means we’re not limited to top-down instruction. Your feedback is welcome and expected, too.

Our performance management milestones that set you up for success include:

  • Team member onboarding. Our people development lifecycle kicks off with an onboarding phase within your first 100 days of employment.
  • Your personal mentors. We pair you with team members who mentor you and support your development. One is your Development Lead (DL), and one is your Jedi Buddy.
  • Initial performance conversations. After your first six and 12 weeks at Genioo, you have performance conversations with your DL to discuss your progress and contributions to date, setting new goals for the short-term.
  • Quarterly performance conversations. You will participate in development-oriented conversations with your DL at least three times a year, reviewing successes and outlining opportunity areas.
  • Annual review and 360 feedback. Each year, you receive a formal, holistic annual review incorporating feedback from teammates with input from your DL. You self-assess your progress and participate in a 360-degree feedback exercise with people you work with most closely. 

Training and development

Our focus on professional development is likely different than what you experienced elsewhere. We don’t staff a huge corporate training department with instructors doling out training. We believe in the power of self-directed career development, supported by everyone at Genioo. We do this through knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer training. Our Connect & Learn sessions, where we share skills and successes with colleagues across the company, is just one example.

You receive up to five days off for training each year. This gives you time for professional development instead of having to use your vacation time.

At Genioo, learning goes beyond structured, instructor-led training. We learn the most from our work experiences:

  • We grow from our experiences at Genioo.
  • We learn from our interactions with colleagues.
  • We gain knowledge working with our valued clients.
  • We spend time off the job learning, too.

The sky’s the limit, and we want you to fly. What will you learn working at Genioo?

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